We have followed various trends since we started and we have seen them come and go. That´s how it is, when you have published magazines for almost 25 years.

But where many past trends have been cyclical, the idea of ​​being active on holiday travels continues to evolve.


Downloadable material 2019 will be available later this year.


It can range from an hour's hike in southern Sweden to a bicycle ride in New York, canoeing / kayaking, scuba diving, safari, stand up paddle and from a yoga retreat to a marathon on The Chinese wall or an Ironman race in Hawaii.

Regardless of content, we are dealing with a segment that only grows and grows. The Danes wants to be active when they travel. 

This is why we arrange Denmark's first event for Active Holidays.

As always, we pursue the highest level of quality, knowledge and expertise. 

Our guests deserve it.


Welcome to Aktiv ferie 2019




The venue we have chosen is at the same time intimate, raw and large and offers all the opportunities required for an active travel event.


Address: Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 København SV

Lokomotivværkstedet is located 700 meters from Fisketorvet and a little more than one kilometer from Dybbølsbro station.


Date and opening hours for 2019 will follow later this year.


Dates and opening hours for setup and packing down for 2019 will follow later this year.

OBS : on the day of setup (friday), the production office in Lokomotivværkstedet can not guarantee that extra orders on technical work can be done before the event begins, if orders are received later than the thursday before.

OBS : traffic wardens can be expected on all days, from Parkering København.